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29 Aug 2017 Helena created Techies, a large-scale photo/storytelling project sharing 100 stories of underrepresented tech employees in Silicon Valley, over  Helena Price Photographer, Helena Price Photography / The Techies Project. Andrew Puddicombe Co-Founder, Headspace. Sean Rad Co-Founder and CEO,   29 Nov 2017 Early last year, Helena Price, a Silicon Valley photographer, started a project " Techies." She interviewed and took 100 portraits of  See what kind of products Helena Price (Founder, Haus) likes on Product Hunt.

Photographer Helena Price is challenging stereotypes by shining a light on underrepresented minorities in Silicon Valley. Techies is a project comprising 100 portraits of – and conversations with – the diverse group of employees that make up the tech world, including women, people of colour, LGBT people, working parents, the disabled and

@ helena aka Helena Price Follow About. Tall, pale, and half-Norwegian. helena left this note on March 20, 2012. Notemaps On notemap: 0 comments Coffee Bar. I used to spend a lot of time here prior to working in tech, as I heard it's "where the techies hang out." Nowadays, I usually walk here in the afternoons for a coffee break, since A startup insider photographed 100 people to change the way we think about Silicon Valley. Helena Price, has been working on Price said, "Techies" will bring people together in real

Techies is the work of Helena Price, who posted an open call for the project on Medium in January. "I want to show the outside world a more comprehensive picture of people who work in tech

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Helena Price takes photos of underrepresented people from Silicon Valley. Nancy Douyon - Nancy Douyon Archives - L'union Suite. The Stars of STEM | Museum of Science, Boston. Profile UX Researcher - (2016, Techies Project) SW Haitian Village Hurricane Relief by Nancy Douyon. South Africa Hosts Nancy Douyon's for 2nd Annual UX Conference

The Techies Project And Why Unpaid Labor for Diversity in Tech Needs to Stop by Shanley Kane on April 6th, 2016 This week, the Techies Project — featuring the photos and stories of underrepresented technologists in Silicon Valley — launched to widespread acclaim. "In 2009 I quit my bartender job and moved from NC to SF with $40, no job and no network. I sold my car and put the money to a deposit on bedroom I found on Craigslist. I wanted to work in tech, so I googled "coffee shops where techies hang out."" That's why Helena Price, a startup worker turned photographer, put out the call for stories from "underrepresented" techies — a group she identified as "women, people of color, folks over 50

On this episode, Helena walks us through her many lives in tech (1:30) and why she quit her job to start Techies (4:24). She shares how she met her husband and Haus co-founder, Woody Hambrecht (20:50). Helena breaks down the tiers of the alcohol mafia and the liquor loophole that made way for Haus to exist (22:37).

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